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Forever Puglia

To celebrate its inner beauty, I’ve decided to look inward and examine the elements that define it. Puglia is sun.

It’s white, it’s miles of sand, no two grains alike, it’s local artists, it’s inspiration in so many different ways, it’s food, it’s wine, it’s tradition.

It is a place apart with a lifestyle all its own, one that has drawn and cultivated artists of all types over the past years.

So what gives this place its magic?

It’s the unstructured life offering its own unique type of daily inspiration and an irresistible beauty attracting people you might never expect.

Puglia is people, native residents and new arrivals and amazing old creatures unlike any other, including centuries old olive trees. Puglia is all of this and more.

My experience, my energy and by extension, my collective selves: the true Puglia.

There’s color, texture and complex beauty on every Puglia place: the key is to look for it and finally feel it.

Ready, set, Explore, Feel. And the magic continues.

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