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Puglia Culinary Retreat

[gallery ids="40975,40974"] Spend an inspiring week in Puglia creating lifelong memories and immersing in the local lifestyle. Travel to our unique destination in Puglia for an all-inclusive 7-nights cooking retreat, explore seasonal market-inspired food, learn Puglian cooking techniques in a relaxed setting. Discover what makes this stunning...

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Vinoteque in Lecce: La Strada del Vino Wines

[gallery link="none" ids="40928,40929,40930"] If you have a wine desire in Lecce, make your way to La Strada del Vino Wines, a haven located centrally between Piazza Sant’Oronzo and the Duomo. This wine mecca features charming interiors and serves up high-quality wine, plus incredible cheese selections. The staff is...

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A cooking class in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40910,40911,40912,40913"] Spring, Summer and Fall are wonderful times of the year to visit Puglia, the destination to be in the south of Italy. This region is characterized to a large extent of Baroque architecture, centenarian olive groves, a myriad of nice little villages (where...

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Destination Wine in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40894,40893,40892"] Written by Ylenia Sambati, Travel Designer Puglia, the “heel” of the boot of peninsular Italy is a southern Italian paradise set apart from the rest of the country. This is a land which rightly enjoys the reputation of being a place of great history,...

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Veg Puglia Tours for Vegans and Vegetarians

Ylenia Sambati promotes healthy lifestyle habits through food, outdoor activities, meditation and dance, cycling, travel. She’s been a vegetarian since she was a little girl and once her parents realized that unlike her brother and sisters she could not eat meat or fish for the only...

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