Puglia Travel Consultant | Book your retreat: our favorite yoga retreats in Puglia
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Book your retreat: our favorite yoga retreats in Puglia

YLTOUR PR and its Travel Designer Ylenia Sambati, who is passionate about holistic health, empowers others to live vibrant and meaningful lives while exploring Puglia and she creates yoga retreats around Puglia’s magical places, as a lifestyle exploration with a desire to connect yogi from all around the world with locations and experiences that are unique, inspiring, outward expression of a deep beauty.

On the logistical side, she offers different kinds of locations that can appeal to all budgets and people traveling from different places around the world.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner, a nature lover, a food – we love good healthy, heart warming food – and bike lover, or simply a traveler looking to move with purpose, we have a trip for you.

Relax and unwind as we explore a meditative flowing approach to regeneration in flow. Experience a regenerative holiday in Puglia for cultivating movement meditation, fluidity, and rejuvenation as a healing approach to transforming stress and tensions, having a Zen attitude and finding mindful awareness of the present moment.

We are constantly inspired by the conversation between yoga, food, farming, cycling, horse riding, sailing, photography, wine, dancing, music, hiking and we hope that you join us in this transformational journey to this charming southern corner of Italy.

Each retreat creates a wholly unique experience: we team up with Yoga Studios from all over the world to create the most amazing retreats designed for people to live freely & fully while exploring incredible corners of Puglia. These escapes are for the free spirits, the wanderlusters, and the people who see beauty everywhere.

Join the YLTOUR PR team on a cultural and spiritual adventure in the heart of Puglia for yoga classes, incredible food and wine, excursions into local towns.
Nature is everywhere, a gift, a treasure-trove, if we only remember to check in with a hearth filled with gratitude, compassion and kindness.

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