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Destination Wine in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40894,40893,40892"] Written by Ylenia Sambati, Travel Designer Puglia, the “heel” of the boot of peninsular Italy is a southern Italian paradise set apart from the rest of the country. This is a land which rightly enjoys the reputation of being a place of great history,...

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Destination yoga, meditation and pilates

[gallery link="none" ids="40886,40887,40888"] Private retreats in Puglia Written by Ylenia Sambati, Travel Designer in Puglia Treat yourself to an inspiring Meditation, Yoga and Pilates holiday in beautiful Puglia and rebalance your body and mind through the practice of yoga and meditation with a focus on natural yoga, meditation...

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Tour Lecce like never before

[gallery link="none" ids="40879,40881,40880"] Written by Ylenia Sambati, Puglia Travel Consultant Many of you often ask me for guidance on travel planning or for help choosing a hotel, a restaurant, a special place for some reason. They know how fond I am of this area (molto innamorata) and...

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I want a small, intimate wedding in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40873,40874,40875"] Written by Ylenia Sambati, Puglia Travel Consultant I just love very intimate, unique weddings. They’re chic, cozy, personal with just family and friends. There’s something magical about gathering a few guests on at the most cherished event promise of a lifetime. Small, intimate weddings...

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Where will my Puglia trip design take you?

By Ylenia Sambati, Puglia Travel Designer What is travel if not the chance to learn from different people and cultures? Puglia’s reputation for happiness comes from living life at a slower pace, leading a balanced life, preserving Puglia’s unique identity, embracing simplicity and living in harmony with...

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Veg Puglia Tours for Vegans and Vegetarians

Ylenia Sambati promotes healthy lifestyle habits through food, outdoor activities, meditation and dance, cycling, travel. She’s been a vegetarian since she was a little girl and once her parents realized that unlike her brother and sisters she could not eat meat or fish for the only...

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Bike tour discovering the unexpected Salento

Bike and nature lovers will enjoy pedaling in the north of Salento, letting yourself be caressed by the wind and visual sweetness of our rural landscapes, farms, through small villages, olive groves and vineyards. Discover off the beaten path Salento and its many fascinating places. We...

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La Puglia, l’elogio della grande bellezza

Il senso della bellezza è di casa in Puglia. La senti ovunque intorno a te, nel fasto composto delle dimore nobiliari, nella firma del barocco autoctono più inebriante, nelle radici ben salde e fiere dei ritmi ancestrali, nell’abbraccio tra i mari Ionio e Adriatico, nell’incontro...

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Il viaggio continua

D’estate, il frinire ininterrotto delle cicale, fa da contrappunto al suono di chitarre, fisarmoniche e canti di gruppo, testimoni una buona chiacchera al fresco del tramonto e fette corpose di anguria che consegnano alla dea luna echi di palpiti e istantanee di sorrisi e abbracci. I...

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