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Puglia Culinary Retreat

[gallery ids="40975,40974"] Spend an inspiring week in Puglia creating lifelong memories and immersing in the local lifestyle. Travel to our unique destination in Puglia for an all-inclusive 7-nights cooking retreat, explore seasonal market-inspired food, learn Puglian cooking techniques in a relaxed setting. Discover what makes this stunning...

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Walking meditation holiday in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40966,40967,40968,40969,40970"] YLTOUR PR walking meditation holidays offer the perfect opportunity to clear your mind with a breath of fresh air, and to get active while exploring charming Puglia. Reconnect with nature and experience a feeling of immense freedom as you wander through the simple, timeless,...

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Lecce when the clock strikes midday

[gallery link="none" ids="40945,40944,40947,40943,40946,40948"] There is so much to see in Lecce , than even in a day or two you realize right away that there are too many treasures to discover in such a short time. We usually recommend at least 3 full days in Lecce or...

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Book your retreat: our favorite yoga retreats in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40936,40937,40938"] YLTOUR PR and its Travel Designer Ylenia Sambati, who is passionate about holistic health, empowers others to live vibrant and meaningful lives while exploring Puglia and she creates yoga retreats around Puglia’s magical places, as a lifestyle exploration with a desire to connect...

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Vinoteque in Lecce: La Strada del Vino Wines

[gallery link="none" ids="40928,40929,40930"] If you have a wine desire in Lecce, make your way to La Strada del Vino Wines, a haven located centrally between Piazza Sant’Oronzo and the Duomo. This wine mecca features charming interiors and serves up high-quality wine, plus incredible cheese selections. The staff is...

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Yoga? Si a cavallo

[gallery link="none" ids="40917,40918,40919,40920,40921"] Indecisi tra Yoga e Cavallo? Nessun problema, provate la nostra experience di allineamento dolce e armonizzazione con la natura a cavallo, una sensazione di una bellezza avvolgente che unisce l’armonia dello yoga al piacere di fluttuare sopra una sella nel naturale fluire dell'energia. Si...

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A cooking class in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40910,40911,40912,40913"] Spring, Summer and Fall are wonderful times of the year to visit Puglia, the destination to be in the south of Italy. This region is characterized to a large extent of Baroque architecture, centenarian olive groves, a myriad of nice little villages (where...

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Living Enlightenment – A Retreat in Puglia

[gallery link="none" ids="40900,40901,40902,40903"] Written by Ylenia Sambati, Travel Designer Puglia is a timeless, charming southern Italian destination with so many different ways of finding inspiration, empowerment, re-connection with your most beautiful self. You may truly fall in love with the seemingly untouched beauty of this region. If you...

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